Equity at Wellspring

Wellspring partners with a team of equity professionals to assist businesses and organizations with equity and inclusion strategies. Some of the services offered include group training, crisis management and equity consulting. Dr. Jennifer Rowe is one of our expert partners in this work.

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Dr. Jennifer Rowe (She/Her)

Dr. Jennifer Rowe has been engaged in the field of education for more than 24 years where she has worked as an English teacher, dean and has also held several district-level equity positions.  On the university level, Jennifer has worked as a student teacher supervisor and has been a guest speaker. As an individual consultant, Jennifer has supported private industry with professional development in the areas of implicit bias and cultural competencies. In addition, she has coached leadership and staff members of color who are exploring avenues to build their skills in leading for equity.  Jennifer has extensive training in restorative practices, and has worked intensively in the area of community building, with a focus on leading restorative circles to promote healing, build understanding and enhance or further a sense of community.

Jennifer Identifies as a Black woman of mixed race.  She leverages her diverse racial identities and her lived experiences when working with others surrounding difficult subjects and hard history, which are often at the center of conflicts, at all levels, in institutions of all kinds.

Specializations Include:

  • Restorative Practices/Conflict Resolution
  • Affinity Group Development
  • Coaching
  • Community Outreach
  • Staff Book Club/Podcast Study/Learning Circle
  • Equity Professional Learning Session (designed to meet your learning needs):
    • Workshop
    • Individual session
  • Women’s Leadership Activities

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