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(BPLF, Port-A-Cool, Cosmopolitan Marketplace, Tom & Eddie’s, St. Mary’s Services, Caring Transitions, Beyond Blinds, Corcoran; Awana, Flirty Kitty?, Physician’s Total Wellness, Prairie Landing, Spectrum)

social video: TechWeld, HHIT silent spot, Arnold testimonial, Zippy Shell testimonial, Mimi’s FroYo, Neighbors-president video, Skin Deep?)

animated logos: Corcoran, AMP,

animated explanation

spots: Cosmo, Tom & Ed’s, Prairie Landing, Episcope, 400 N. LaSalle, Flirty Kitty, 2520 Grandparents, Coldwell, Eastgate, Galewood, Pinnacle (Immediate Oc), Lakeview Lofts, Pinnacle (Sally and I)

motiongrafx: 6 North Michigan, 2100

film: Ritz, 1420 N. LSD, Live 360, Six N. Michigan

testimonials:  corcoran, arnoldsleep, zippyshell

profile: st. mary’s history, Foltos, Fireside Grille, Geneva Hearing, Amoni Law, St. Charles Acupuncture

product: amp

online preroll ads: (any of the webspots)

other: ivvm, motorization, caring transitions, protocol

Sound – St. Mary’s, Glashaus, New Century Bank, Eastgate Village, Lofts at Roosevelt, 400 N. LaSalle, Park Boulevard, West Village, Glashaus/Can’t Stop

Screen – Aliens in Antiquity, Reel Encounters, UFOs vs US


SMS, rookie bankers, Glashaus,

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